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Building your first website

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only


Through this course, we will help you set the first step into the world of programming. Although this is a simple form of programming, you will still learn a lot and that will be the foundation for you to learn programming well in the following subjects. Now, with the development of web technology, you can completely design a website without knowledge of programming, you just need to drag and drop. However, in that way, you can only create websites in fixed forms. In case you want to control any component of the website as you wish, you need to study this subject.


  • Build a website from knowing nothing
  • Get started with programming at a simple level
  • Self-manage the website and optimize its performance
  • Know how to make money from website


Module 1: Create a website structure Introduce basic concepts related to website design; guide how to create an HTML-based website structure.

Module 2: Website format and layout A tutorial on how to style (decorate) elements of the website; how to create a layout for a website..

Module 3: Advanced website building Guide advanced technology topics on HTML, CSS and use a CSS library / framework

Module 4: Website administration Guide how to put the website online; how to process images for the website; how to integrate supporting tools for website; and how to make money from the website.



Quách Ngọc Xuân

MentorS supporting students


Quách Ngọc Xuân - FUNiX Academic Manager


Nguyễn Quyết - Training Center Manager at CMC Software


Nguyễn Vũ Hưng - Fuji Technology CTO


Lê Hoàng Việt - Training Tools Head at FPT Software


Trương Đắc Tài - Senior QC Engineer at FPT Software


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Below is the list of all free massive open online learning sources (MOOC) used for this course by FUNiX: UMass MOOCCodeCoursediySEOresourcesDusty Porter, Google, Google AdsenceLinkedIn Learning Solutions, Quách Ngọc XuânQuentin WattSubiz Live ChatTyler MooreYour Joomla Tutor.

All open learning sources used in FUNiX training program are public, constantly updated and freely used. FUNiX is always willing to receive and discuss any comments, suggestions and responses related to our learning sources via email