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Building Your First Website

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Building your first website

Hi, welcome to the course!

Modern civilization is constantly evolving, particularly in the technological sphere, where numerous new innovations have been fueling revolutions in the online space. Web programming is also one of them. Even though the web programming industry has been around for a while, it has grown significantly as a result of society's ongoing development.

The presence of the Internet and websites in all types of information, services, and almost every aspect of our daily lives demonstrates their enormous significance and effect on contemporary society. It also forms the basis for the course's design, which will give you a foundational understanding of the Internet and an overview of web programming, thereby laying the groundwork for your entry into the information technology sector.

The Building Your First Website course teaches students the fundamentals of websites so they may design their own websites or take part in interface-building projects. This course equips students with the necessary information and abilities to master and put to use the process of building a website. The ability to engage in more specialized web development courses requires knowledge in this area.

Spend a few minutes getting familiar with the course and its basic organization before you begin. There will be 20 lessons spread across 5 modules in the course. You will be able to improve your memory and put the material you have studied to use by completing labs and assignments at the end of each module and throughout the lesson. Make an appropriate study plan and continually update your knowledge in order to properly study. This will help you pass the course with flying colors.


After completing this course, students will have the knowledge and skills as follows:

  • Understand and practice fundamental HTML tags
  • Understand and practice fundamental CSS properties
  • Make a website layout.
  • Understand and employ fundamental JavaScript in website development
  • Create Responsive Websites
  • Deploy a website

Learning experience

To get started, you should spend a little time exploring the course and its general structure. The course is divided into 5 modules of 20 lessons. The labs and assignments at the conclusion of each module will help you solidify your memory and apply the material you have learnt to real-life scenarios. In order to study effectively, you should always seek to expand your knowledge, keep learning, conduct research, and develop a workable study schedule to excel in the course.

During the study period (expected to be 6 weeks), time allocation is very important. If you have any questions, please connect with mentors for answers.


Module 1. HTML basics

  • Lesson 1. Introduction to web programming
  • Lesson 2. Introduction to  HTML
  • Lesson 3. Common HTML tags

Module 2. Basic CSS

  • Lesson 4. Introduction to CSS (part 1)
  • Lesson 5. Introduction to CSS (part 2)
  • Lesson 6. Introduction to CSS (part 3)
  • Lesson 7. Introduction to CSS (part 4) & key skills for developers
  • Assignment 01: Building a Digital CV

Module 3. Website layout

  • Lesson 8. Basic layout
  • Lesson 9. Build the layout with CSS Flex-box
  • Lesson 10. Build the layout with CSS Grid
  • Assignment 02: Build your personal website

Module 4.  Build a responsive website- Deploy a website

  • Lesson 11. Responsive Web Design
  • Lesson 12. Bootstrap library
  • Lesson 13. Deploy a website

Module 5. Basic JavaScript

  • Lesson 14. Get to know JavaScript
  • Lesson 15. Operators
  • Lesson 16. Boolean and conditional statements
  • Lesson 17. Functions and arrays
  • Lesson 18. Objects and loops
  • Lesson 19. DOM and Event - Part 1
  • Lesson 20. DOM and Event - Part 2
  • Assignment 03: Design and implement a complete website




This MOOC course is offered on the Coursera and Freecodecamp platforms. These are platforms that provide open mass online courses that are highly appreciated among current MOOC platforms in the world.

Listing the sources below does not necessarily imply that FUNiX has formal cooperation with the source owner: Introduction to HTML5Introduction to CSS3Introduction to JavaScriptInteractivity with JavaScriptAdvanced Styling with Responsive Design from Coursera and Introduction to the Bootstrap from Freecodecamp.


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