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Introduction to Software Engineering

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About this course

This course will guide you walk through the Software Engineering activities and processes. You're on the way to complete the learning program and going to become a software engineer. On that role, you should have a wider understand about software engineering aspects, not only coding. And this course tries to help you get that sense by looking at an overall picture in software engineering.

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Course name:

Introduction to Software Engineering



Estimated Duration:

45 hours


Some main objectives of this course:

    • Understanding critical challenges in Software engineering

    • Discussing Software engineering processes for a full life-cycle software development

    • Understainding features of specific phases in software engineering as overview  (what should be digged deeply in next courses)

    • Experiencing some up-to-date methodologies in software development collaboration: Agile, Scrum, Lean

    • Discussing some advanced topics in software engineering: critical systems, SOA, configuration management

Course Structure

The course is divided into four parts:

Module 1: Software Processes

    • Introduction to Software engineering

    • Software Processes

    • Agile Software Development

Module 2: Software Requirement and Architectural Software Design

    • Requirements Engineering

    • System Modeling

    • Architectural Design

Module 3: Detail Design and Implementation

    • Detail Design and Implementation

    • Software Testing

    • Software Evolution

Module 4: Advanced Software Engineering

    • Critical systems

    • Service-oriented software engineering

    • Configuration Management


  • Software Engineering, 9th or 10th Edition, By Ian Sommerville

Course Designer

Nguyễn Tất Trung

Nguyễn Tất Trung

            • Experienced Software Engineer at FPT-Software. Now he is a lecturer at FPT University.


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