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Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About this course

Through this course, we will give you an introduction to the first concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). With the oriented approach to real-life objects in programming language to solve practical problems, it is a right and powerful approach, now it has become the most popular programming method. If you have a good foundation of this object-oriented programming, it will be easy for you to access to the most modern programming technologies.

In terms of professional knowledge, this subject will mention object-oriented programming with Java programming language. You will be exposed to basic object-oriented programming concepts such as abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. To effectively implement these features, you can also understand and manipulate abstract classes and interface classes. Besides, you are introduced to some utility libraries in Java programming language. With the content mentioned in the subject, you can build some programs to solve some practical problems. The solid foundation of this subject will give you an easy access to Game programming, Website, Database ...

Course code:


Course name:

      Object-Oriented Programming (with Java)



Estimated duration:

       45 hours

Entry recommendation:

In order to learn this course well, you should have some basic programming skills from the course: PRF192x - Creating your first program

Course objectives:

    • Be able to setup programming environment (in this case is Java)
    • Having good understanding of OOP methodology
    • Understand and apply Object-Oriented Programming features
    • Complete several programs with simple business logic

Course structure:

Module 1: Introduction and working with Java .

- This module introduces the basic concepts and guide to work with the programming environment of Java language. We must prepare this as we need Java environment to run Java programs which are written in object-oriented Java language. In addition, you would be experienced to build some simple programs to be familiar with the Java language.

- Main resources: Tutorial Points - Java

Module 2: Object-Oriented Programming.

- This module introduces main basic features of Object-Oriented Programming which are used to solve real-world problems such as object, class, attribute, method... 

- Main resources: Tutorial Points - Java

Module 3:  Abstract Class and Interface.

- In this module, you would learn some advanced concepts of "Object-Oriented Programming". Besides, you would be familiar with coding convention.

- Main resources: Tutorial Points - JavaOracle Java Coding conventions

Module 4:  Exception handling and Utility classes.

The module would guide you to handle exceptions encountered in runtime and introduce about utility classes. Besides, it also guides how to test and debug programs.

- Main resources: Tutorial Points - Java

Course Designer

Nguyễn Quyết

 - Trainer at FPT Software Human Resources Assurance Center. 

 - Master degree in Information Systems - Hanoi University of Technology and Science 

 - 6 years experience in developing softwares and teaching at some universities 

 - Facebook :


Below is the list of all free massive open online learning sources (MOOC) used for this course by FUNiX: CodeMonkeyCharlie, ElonCsProf, LinkedIn Learning Solutions, Milli Parker, Norm Krumpe, ProgrammingKnowledge, slidenerd.

All open learning sources used in FUNiX training program are public, constantly updated and freely used. FUNiX is always willing to receive and discuss any comments, suggestions and responses related to our learning sources via email