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Lab 2

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About this course

In this Lab 2, you will fly with HackerRank to try hard on practicing coding. This Lab 2 contains many challenges (or exercises) which you have to complete to pass. It is organized as a contest without time limit.

You must complete 80 percents of challenges at least to be valid for the final exam. When interviewing at the final exam, mentors would interview you with questions based on labs done

Course code:


Course name:

Lab 2



Estimated Duration:

45 hours

Course Objective:

By completing this lab you would practice many coding skills on

- Basic selection/updation queries on databases

- Advanced selection/updation queries on databases

- Basic and advanced aggregation queries

- Basic and advanced join queries


You should pass the course DBI202x - Database Systems

Course Designer

Quách Ngọc Xuân

- FUNiX Academic Manager.
- 18-year experience working in IT
- 8-year experience working as a lecturer at FPT Aptech, FPT University
- Facebook:

Learning sources

Below is the list of all free massive open online learning sources (MOOC) used for this course by FUNiX: HackerRank.

All open learning sources used in FUNiX training program are public, constantly updated and freely used. FUNiX is always willing to receive and discuss any comments, suggestions and responses related to our learning sources via email