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Lab 1-Practice Java programming

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

LAB 1 - practice java programming


Welcome to LAB 1 - Practicing Java programming - FUNiX's Certificate 2 - Mobile Software Programming. Lab 1 is a subject specialized in Java programming. During the course, you will practice with projects to practice your Java programming skills.


โœ” Are those wishing to get a certificate at FUNiX

โœ” Are those who want to add knowledge, practice basic programming skills of the Java programming language

โœ” This course does not require knowledge of other programming languages, but having the basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms will become helpful for this course.


After completing the Lab course, students will be able to gain proficiency in Java programming with the following skills:

  1. Proficient in basic programming skills of the Java language in PRO192x - Object Oriented Programming (in Java)
  2. Proficient in general object-oriented programming skills
  3. Proficient in basic data structure skills in Java
  4. Able to complete Lab on their own (assessed by mentors)


You should complete the course PRO192x_Object Oriented Programming (in Java)


Course code: LAB101x
Course name: Practice Java Programming
Credits: 3
Estimated Time: 6 weeks

Learning experience

We provide a list of Labs that you can choose to do. At the same time, you can choose for yourself a number of projects that are right for you. Each Lab has a predefined LOC measurement (Lines of code) set and you can find that information in the Lab description. After each Lab is completed, the LOCs will be accumulated into the total number of LOCs for the subject. Once you have achieved the required minimum total of LOCs, you will pass the Lab course.

During the course (scheduled for 6 weeks), it is important to allocate practice time and choose the right project. If you have any questions, please connect with mentors to get answers.


  • You should determine a strategy for completing the course by choosing to do a more simple Lab with the smaller LOC or choosing a less difficult Lab with a higher LOC. We don't care what method you will adopt, we only calculate the number of LOCs to see if you pass or not.
  • This Lab course specializes in practicing object-oriented skills.


M.Sc. Nguyen Hai Nam

  • Chief Mentor & Course Designer at FUNiX
  • Master of Computer Science, University of Cassino, Itally.
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Telecommunication Engineering, PTIT
  • Research fields: Deep Learning, Computer vision, Handwritting OCR, abnormal detection.
  • Online profile:




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 Feedback channel

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