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Mastering your Computer

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only


In this course, you will be provided with the most basic skills that a computer technician needs, including installing hardwares, maintaining and operating personal computer systems, setting and customizing softwares. Besides, there will be lessons for Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop - essential softwares that help increase your daily productivity at the office..

Course Code: FUN121x

Course Name: Mastering your computer

Credit: 3

Estimated hours: 45 hours

Course Objectives:

- Instruct how to dismantle and assembles hardwares, install softwares and using computers for office work

- Be skilled at using softwares to control computers

- Effectively use Excel tool for office work

- Know how to use Photoshop for basic image processing


Module 1: Computer Hardwares.

- Assembling a PC

- Essential components

- Extended components

- Working with Printers

Module 2: Computer Softwares

- Installing operating system

- Hardware management

- Task and user management 

- Network configuration and security on Windows 

- Troubleshooting problems

- Operation process 

Module 3: Using Excel office tool

- Excel - Basics

- Using formulas and functions

- Working with data

- Excel - Advanced

Module 4: Using Photoshop

- Photoshop - Basics

- Photoshop - Advanced



Course Designer

Quách Ngọc Xuân

Learning sources

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